Cancellation Policy

It is Good 4 You Guy's policy to have a credit card on file for each customer at time of booking.


Good 4 You Guys will charge full payment for any and all no call/no show appointments. You are considered a no call no show 30 minutes after the start of your service time.  At this time, we charge for the missed service/s on your filed credit card.  We will also charge an 18% gratuity to your card for the service provider that waited for you to attend your appointment. 


Please understand that this policy is necessary because when you don't show to an appointment, it means the business loses money because it can't book anyone else at such a late time to make up for the loss.


If client cancels appointment less than 24 hours before booked appointment, Good 4 You Guy will charge 50% payment of service.


If client calls and reschedules the appointment within the same day, client must pay an extra $25 booking fee on top of their appointment, as loss of revenue may occur.


Thank you for your understanding in helping us create an efficient and enjoyable work environment.

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