• CJ Jackson, PhD CHH

Hibiscus Citrus-Berry Dressing/Marinade

Refreshing Summer Delight.

Hibiscus Citrus-Berry Dressing Marinade

“Savory and Refreshing”

A summer savory sweet marinade and dressing to tantalize the tastebuds.


Dressing Ingredients:

Utensils Needed:

  • High Speed Blender

  • Blender Cup with blend blades (like NINJA)

  • Measuring Cups & Spoons

  • Sealed storage container


  1. Blend all ingredients thoroughly in high speed blender.

  2. Chill & Serve.

  3. Stores in an airtight glass container, in the refrigerator, for 2 weeks.

  4. Use to marinade meats, poultry or enjoy on a summer salad with plenty of fruit.

Get Inspired

This dressing/marinade is high in vitamin C and so deliciously healthy. What are some of the ways you want to use this recipe?

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